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The Center provides the following services to children and their families

  • Crisis Intervention Services
  • Assistance and support in coping with abuse
  • Case management services including assistance with obtaining medical care, counseling, and other necessary social services along with monthly team case review meeting
  • Legal Advocacy and Information including victim compensation, and help in obtaining orders of protection
  • Education and prevention presentations and resources

Macon County HEALS strives to alleviate the burden of finding services for our community members who have been witness to or experienced a crime.  We work to ensure appropriate care and services are made available to all victims no matter whose door they first enter, whether it is their doctor's office, their school, or the local police station or sheriff's office.

  • Identify and promote healing for victims of crime.
  • Provide or coordinate prevention and intervention services to youth and families experiencing trauma and victimization.
  • Build capacity within communities to meet the needs of youth exposed to violence.
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Abuse is a community Problem

The Illinois Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) fiscal year 2019.