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The Center provides the following services to children and their families

  • Crisis Intervention Services
  • Assistance and support in coping with abuse
  • Case management services including assistance with obtaining medical care, counseling, and other necessary social services along with monthly team case review meeting
  • Criminal Justice Advocacy and Information including victim compensation, and help in obtaining orders of protection, assisting in preparing children for court process, and accompanying families to criminal court proceedings.
  • Short term counseling and referrals for therapy services
  • Education and prevention presentations and resources

Crisis Response Victim Advocacy Program strives to alleviate the burden of finding services for our community members 0-25 who have been witness to or experienced a crime.  Witnesses and victims are referred directly from Decatur Police Department.

  • Identify and promote healing for victims of crime.
  • Provide or coordinate prevention and intervention services to youth and families experiencing trauma and victimization.
  • Build capacity within communities to meet the needs of youth exposed to violence.
  • Provide trauma informed supportive and therapy services
Blue Ribbon

Abuse is a community Problem

The Child 1st Center partners with Macon County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and other community agencies to raise awareness and promote prevention of child maltreatment.