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About the Child 1st Center

The Child 1st Center is a Child Advocacy Center. We advocate that all children have the right to a safe nurturing environment free from violence and abuse.  Our programs strive to ensure that each child’s needs are the priority, not the needs of law enforcement, medical providers, attorneys, caseworkers or other systems.

The Center serves children and families in both Macon and Piatt Counties.  Our programs are funded through grants provided by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, the Illinois Attorney General Violent Crimes Victim Assistance program, National Children’s Alliance, fines collected through Piatt County Circuit Clerk, the Macon County Circuit Clerk, and the generosity of Friends of the Child 1st Center (501c3).

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Child First Mission

The child is our first priority.

Not the needs of the family.

Not the child’s “story”.

Not the evidence.

Not the needs of the courts.

Not the needs of police, child protection, attorneys, etc.

The child is our first priority!

Multidisciplinary Team Information

Our team works together with law enforcement, DCFS, and the state attorney’s office to better serve children in our community who have been physically or sexually abused.

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