Putting The Needs
Of The Child First

When the lives and rights
of children are at stake,
there must be no silent witnesses.



Children who have been victims of abuse need people who care for them as people, not as case files. Children and their families receive this care and concern at the Child 1st Center.

Here at the center, families will find a home-like and family-friendly atmosphere, away from the cold intimidating walls of the police station.


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Upcoming Event

Child 1st Center

Advisory Board

September 3, 2020  10:00


1. Call to Order --

2. Approval of minutes—July 9, 2020 meeting.

3. Director’s Report

a. Team Credits, Concerns, and Issues- New recording system installed—DCFS turnover

b.  Illinois HEALS/Macon County HEALS project first meeting 9/1/2020 New staff Nina Ntsimi and Sue Ripley.

c. NCA accreditation 9/2/2020 virtual site visit

d. Meeting with Auditor’s office,

e. Discussions with CACI and impact of fines and fees reduction. They are meeting with Senator Manar.

4. Old Business

5. New Business- Friends letter to Board and Budget Issues

6. Announcements-

7. Motion to Adjourn

 Meetings for 2020

TENTATIVE C1C Board meetings at noon :  November 5

Green Boy

Child 1st Center is an accredited member of the National Children's Alliance.